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SubjectRe: ext3 vs resiserfs vs xfs
On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Alan Cox wrote:

> > I just set up a RedHat 7.2 box with ext3, and after a few tests/chrashes,
> > I see no difference at all. After a chrash, it really wants to run fsck
> > anyway. I've tried ReiserFS before, with no fsck after chrashes - is this
> Umm RH 7.2 after an unexpected shutdown will give you a 5 second count down
> when you can choose to force an fsck - ext3 doesnt need an fsck but
> sometimes folks might want to force it thats all

I get this countdown, but after 5 seconds fsck starts anyway, without me
hitting Y! Should I hit N, or should I change some config somewhere? Now each
time my battery runs out, I need fsck!

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"If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all." -- Thumper (1942)
Wednesday, 21 Heshvan 5762, 7 November 2001, 5:26PM

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