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SubjectRe: nfsd

I executed your procedure, but the problem still be present:

nfsd.o: unresolved symbol nfsd_linkage_Rb56858ea

vda wrote:

>On Wednesday 07 November 2001 17:26, D'Angelo Salvatore wrote:
>>I installed a ltmodem-6.00 drivers for my T21 Thinkpad on kernel 2.4.10.
>>I run a script called autoload that try to load the compiled module that
>>need to use nfsd.
>>The problem is that with my kernel configuration I am not able to load
>>I know that sunrpc and lockd modules are necessary and I already loaded
>>them, but when I issue the command
>> insmod nfsd
>>the following message appear:
>> nfsd.o: unresolved symbol nfsd_linkage
>>attached there is my kernel config file.
>>Please can you tell me if I need to enable some other options?
>>Thanx in advance and excuse me if I submit this easy question on this
>>mail list.
>Current kernel build system is buggy, can miscompile module dependencies.
>(It will be replaced by kbuild 2.5 soon)
>Do this:
>1) Copy away your .config form kernel dir
>2) make mrproper (cleans tree thoroughly)
>3) Copy .config back
>4) Do make oldconfig
>5) Do make dep clean bzImage modules modules_install
>6) Reboot with new kernel
>If your problem persist, repost your failure report to lkml.
>However, guys will likely ask you to reproduce your problem
>on the latest 2.4.x.

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