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SubjectRe: kernel 2.4.14 compiling fail for loop device

On Wednesday, November 7, 2001, at 10:12 AM, Barry K. Nathan wrote:

>> When I did, and used a looped an iso image, eventually my
>> computer froze up. Using the actual cd, it did not. So my
>> personal answer would be no.
> Hmmm... my *root* filesystem (with /usr, /home, etc. all on it) on one
> of
> my computers is loop mounted, and I've not had such a freeze with 2.4.14
> and the two lines removed... Just another data point.

Hrm. I just did some stuff on a fs mounted via loopback and no problems.

Mike: it's something in particular you were doing that triggered it or
something else completely?


Mohammad A. Haque

"Alcohol and calculus don't mix. Developer/Project Lead
Don't drink and derive." --Unknown

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