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Subject2.4.14 and athlon

i have a athlon 950 MHz (Via 686 chipset) that's acting
funny on 2.4.2, 2.4.6, 2.4.10 and 2.4.12-ac3 with Rik's VM.
512 MB memory, 1 GB swap. all partitions are ext2, and the system
is a RH 7.1.

after some time running (apache/mysql/bind, not really heavy
load for the bos, except for backing up sites), load starts
to go higher and higher, and eventually (after reaching loads
of 70 - 90), it only responds pings. since it's in a farming
facility and this behaviour is not predictable (not cron-related,
for example) i can't see any console output. this happend about dayly
on 2.4.6, and about weekly now (2.4.12-ac3 rik vm).

i guess it's all VM related, since it seems to get better, with
the kernel upgrades, but i'm not sure anyway.

does anyone have any idea of what might i do? i plan to give 2.4.14
a try, but don't know what patches or options do you believe will
be better. (no, i dont have another machine at hand to test, and
yes, it's our production server).

thanks in advance,


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