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SubjectRe: ext3 vs resiserfs vs xfs
On Wed, Nov 07, 2001 at 04:36:13PM -0700, D. Stimits wrote:
> It might be interesting if modules.conf had a scheme similar to
> versioning for E.G., search first for
> /etc/modules.conf-2.4.9-6, and if not found, go for /etc/modules.conf
> (as a fallback in case version-specific didn't exist).

It does, more or less, if you use the if directives:

if -f /etc/modules.conf-2.4.9-6
include /etc/modules.conf-2.4.9-6
[regular stuff here

Or better yet, something like

option foo one=this two=that
if `uname -4` > 2.4.x
add option foo three=blah

Mike Castle
We are all of us living in the shadow of Manhattan. -- Watchmen
fatal ("You are in a maze of twisty compiler features, all different"); -- gcc
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