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SubjectDVD_LU_SEND_AGID slow since 2.4.10
Hallo list,

ever since 2.4.10 the SEND_AGID DVD_AUTH control seems to be very slow
(used in libdvdcss, freezes xine for up to 30sec). The code that's
executed seems to be:

dvd_authinfo auth_info;

memset( &auth_info, 0, sizeof( auth_info ) );
auth_info.type = DVD_LU_SEND_AGID;
auth_info.lsa.agid = *pi_agid;

i_ret = ioctl( i_fd, DVD_AUTH, &auth_info );

anybody here have any idea what might cause this? could this really be
just a caching problem caused by the new vm or is this something
completely different I observe here? The -ac kernel series doesn't seem to
have this problem on the same machine.

Any comments apreciated, please cc as I'm not subscribed to the list

Kind regards,


time is a funny concept

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