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Subjectkernel compilation failure, 'deactivate_page'

'lo all,

I can't get the (clean) 2.4.14 kernel to compile. In the end, during
linking I guess, it fails with:

drivers/block/block.o: In function `lo_send':
drivers/block/block.o(.text+0x854f): undefined reference to `deactivate_page'
drivers/block/block.o(.text+0x8599): undefined reference to `deactivate_page'
make: *** [vmlinux] Error 1

And this is what happens before, while compiling loop.c:
loop.c: In function `lo_send':
loop.c:210: warning: implicit declaration of function `deactivate_page'

... maybe someone more into kernel programming and with a better overall
knowledge of the whole thing could take a look - I'm far too unexperienced
to mess with The Kernel Itself :)

I didn't include my config-file or the full compilation log to keep this
message compact; but mail me if you need them somehow for this problem.



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