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SubjectRe: Module Licensing?
Decía LLX:
> > The irrelevance here is IYHO ... it may well be judged that
> > since these two portions of the work need each other in order
> > to function, the thing really is one work.
> a)
> vmware for linux needs a linux kernel to work. does that meen
> you whant to gpl it?
> b)
> you can write abstraction modules for different os's. and the
> non-gpl module works with all of them. so my module does not
> need the linux abstraction module it also works with the free-
> BSD module. the only #ifdef in my module will be around the
> module registration code. or i write a propriatary loader,
> so that even the same binary works for different os's

And you can use a big array with your binary code and made the source public:
This code is GPL
char *code={big array of code}

void do_somenthin(){
void (*fun) = code;

(well, I dosn't remember the exact sintax of pointer to funtioncs but ... )

You can put the binary driver like "microcode", and GPL


... 10 IF "LAS RANAS"="TIENEN PELO" THEN PRINT "Windows is good".
Drizzt Do'Urden

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