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SubjectRe: Yet another design for /proc. Or actually /kernel.
antirez wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 07, 2001 at 03:13:25PM -0600, Brenneke, Matthew Jeffrey (UMR-Student) wrote:
>>/dev/hda1 /home/mbrennek/stuff\040and vfat rw 0 0
> [snip]
>>Are you refering to the 040?
> This works but, if /proc will really be replaced, another
> idea can be to organize the stuff to get something of more
> coherent than:
> value1a value1b value1c
> value2a value2b value2c
> that's more human readable than machine parsable.
> Something that can fix both the problems (quoting and format) is
> the following:
> put every string inside () and only quotes ( and ) with \
> and quotes \ itself with \\, than use brackets to delimit
> string _and_ provide information about the format:
> ((dev/hda1)(/home/mbrennek/stuff and)(vfat)(rw)(0)(0))
> ((/dev/hda2)(/var/tmp)(ext2)(rw)(0)(0))
> and so on. With a simple parser you get a safe delimiter
> for a single element and you know that there are two "objects"
> of 6 elements.

You still need quoting, so why on earth does this make it easier to parse?
It doesn't; it just makes it harder to read for humans.


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