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SubjectRe: PROPOSAL: /proc standards (was dot-proc interface [was: /proc
Erik Hensema writes:
> On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 05:09:28PM -0500, Ricky Beam wrote:

>> So, do you run 'free' or 'cat /proc/meminfo'? 'uptime' or 'cat
>> /proc/uptime'? 'netstat', 'route', 'arp', etc. or root through
>> /proc/net/*? I bet you use 'ps' instead of monkeying around in all
>> the [0-9]* entries in /proc. The fact is, we already have "little
>> programs" converting, shuffling, reformating, and printing out
>> those values.
> Yes, but I meant a program which reads a single binary value and
> outputs it as ascii, as a generic layer between the binary /proc and
> the ascii world of shell scripts.

The following prints a single value as ASCII for Linux, Solaris,
AIX, Tru64, HP-UX, and any other POSIX system.

ps -o uid= -p 1

This is what you are supposed to do. With the above, you can write
portable shell scripts that work on any UNIX. (real UNIX + Linux)

> Maybe everything should be moved to /kernel? (except for the process info,
> offcourse).
> It will be very, very hard for distributors to create a distribution which
> runs one the native 2.6 /proc interface as soon as 2.6 comes out. I think
> we must assume rewriting things like procps, init scripts, etc. will only
> start as soon as 2.6 comes out. We should provide some transitional period
> for userspace to adapt, but make clear to everybody that compatibility
> isn't going to last forever.

The app fixing starts immediately for stuff in /bin. It is all
the k-apps and g-apps that will lag.

Splitting /proc can be done. Start by mounting procfs twice.
Make non-process stuff in /proc invisible, but still available.
Then in /kernel the process stuff can be disabled. The proc fs
code can even register two filesystem types, with different
default mount options. After a while, /proc/cpuinfo and such
can emit warnings. (2.5.z for z>42, and 2.y.z for y>6) Then for
the 3.1 kernel (10 years away?) the old crud gets removed.

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