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SubjectRe: Memory accounting problem in 2.4.13, 2.4.14pre, and possibly 2.4.14
Mike Fedyk wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to track down a memory accounting problem I've seen ever since I
> tried a 2.4.13 based kernel. Specifically I've noticed an overflow for the
> "Cached" entry in /proc/meminfo, but also the numbers don't add up to the
> total memory count. Shouldn't they add up? If they should, I haven't seen
> one that does....
> I first noticed it on:
> 2.4.13freeswan-1.91+ac5+preempt+netdev_random+vm_freeswap
> 2.4.14-pre6+preempt+netdev_random+ext3_0.9.14-2414p5
> I thought it may be preempt so I tried:
> 2.4.14-pre8+netdev_random-p7+xsched+ext3_0.9.14-2414p8+elevator
> But I still get the same problem with "Cached".
> Now I'm trying to see if it could be ext3 with:
> 2.4.14-ext3-2.4-0.9.14-2414p8
> And I haven't noticed the problem after 16 hours uptime. Sometimes it would
> show earlier, or later.

Ah. So are you saying that it does *not* occur on
ext3, but that it does occur on ext2?

Could you retest ext2 with this:

--- linux-2.4.14/mm/filemap.c Mon Nov 5 21:01:12 2001
+++ linux-akpm/mm/filemap.c Wed Nov 7 18:09:38 2001
@@ -223,6 +223,8 @@ static void truncate_complete_page(struc
/* Leave it on the LRU if it gets converted into anonymous buffers */
if (!page->buffers || block_flushpage(page, 0))
+ else
+ atomic_inc(&buffermem_pages);

* We remove the page from the page cache _after_ we have
(This will break ext3's accounting)
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