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SubjectRe: disaster with 2.4.14+preempt
Robert Love wrote:

> So I compiled 2.4.14+preempt, this time using ext2 like you. I also
> enabled highmem and SMP, although I don't need those. Again I ran
> multiple dbench runs, went into X, and here I am ... the kernel is
> solid.

OK I have replaced enough of the libs so that
rpm works again, and was able to do a verify
to get the rest of the pieces in order.

> What was the last kernel you had no problems with when used with
> preempt?

I was able to recover some stuff from old
backups, including the kernels I last used
under RH 7.1 -

I see vmlinuz-2.4.12-ac6, and vmlinuz-2.4.13
Both have preempt patches, and highmen
& smp support.

I know they were stable under the test.

I am pounding the old 2.4.13 kernel now
(filesystems mounted as ext2) with dbench
16, 32, 64, and 128 and it is holding up fine.

I will compile 2.4.14 without the preempt
patch and repeat -

Finally, I will repeat the 2.4.14+preempt
test, and I predict the box will lock hard
a few seconds after typing "dbench 16"

Is there anything in particular you would
like me to try?



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