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SubjectError in ARM configuration (2.4.13)
Hi all,

I have found one strange line in arch/arm/

if [ "$CONFIG_ARCH_CLPS711X" = "y" ]; then
--> source drivers/ssi/ <--

There is no directory named "ssi" anywhere. So is it misstypo or
should it be removed. Really, the first aid is to comment it out.

Tried with 2.4.13, but in 2.4.14 it looks like it's the same.

Should someone correct this?

In the list archive, there is something about this, it was for 2.4.9
kernel. I know there should be arch specific patches applied, but why to
have errors like this in vanilla kernel? (specially when correction is so

On Mon, 3 Sep 2001 05:07:37 +0200,
Jean-Luc Leger <> wrote:
>Due to inexistant files, make xconfig fail for the following architectures :
>* arm



Tomas Kasparek (sioux, xkaspa06)
student UIVT FEI VUT Brno

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