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SubjectRe: ext3 vs resiserfs vs xfs
At 20:25 07/11/2001, Andreas Dilger wrote:
>On Nov 07, 2001 19:40 +0000, Anton Altaparmakov wrote:
> > Yes, that makes a lot of sense. After the reset I went into my own kernel
> > with both ext2 and ext3 compiled into it. However, before the reboot, I
> was
> > still in the RH kernel (99% sure it was so, but my memory might be
> > deceiving me).
> >
> > Is there any Right Way(TM) to fix this situation considering I want to
> have
> > both ext2 and ext3 in my kernels (apart from the obvious of changing the
> > order fs are called during root mount in the kernel)?
>If both ext2 and ext3 are compiled into the kernel, then ext3 will try first
>to mount the root fs. If there is no journal on this fs (check this with
>tune2fs -l <dev>, and look for "has_journal" feature), then it will be
>mounted as ext2. If you are doing strange things with initrd and modules,
>then there is more chance to have problems.

Will check. Thanks for info.

>I don't know why you would want to go back to ext2 if you have ext3 in your
>kernel, but if so, there is a patch to add a "rootfstype" parameter which
>allows you to select the fstype to try and mount your root fs as. It looks
>like it is in Linus' 2.4.13 kernel at least (don't know when it went in).

Well one good reason is I don't trust ext3 because it is new and I haven't
used it before. (You can call me paranoid all you want...) Before I start
trusting it with my really important data, I would rather use ext3 for a
while on /, /usr and other non-important partitions (they can be
reinstalled, /home cannot...)


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