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SubjectRe: PROPOSAL: /proc standards (was dot-proc interface [was: /proc

>Yes, but I meant a program which reads a single binary value and >outputs
>it as ascii, as a generic layer between the binary /proc and >the ascii
>world of shell scripts.
>I don't like a binary /proc.

The binary issue could very easily be solved, as you said, by a small
generic program to do the conversion. Upside it only shell scripts need
this, while more advanced (lower level) programs will get better preformance
out of binary format. Downside? I am not sure I see the problem. If a
program needs to get a lot of /proc info frequently, a binary interface will
be faster. Idealistically, do we want the kernel interfaces binary or ascii?
Do we want them to preform best with (be native to) shell scripts or

In any event, is the format of process info (actually should be in /proc) or
the-other-stuff the issue? If it is the latter, the compatibility issue has
a fairly easy solution...

>But I agree: /proc is populated with files that don't really belong >there.
>Maybe everything should be moved to /kernel? (except for the
>process info, offcourse).

I like this idea a lot, and so far I haven't heard any objections, save

>It will be very, very hard for distributors to create a distribution >which
>runs one the native 2.6 /proc interface as soon as 2.6 comes >out. I think
>we must assume rewriting things like procps, init >scripts, etc. will only
>start as soon as 2.6 comes out. We should >provide some transitional period
>for userspace to adapt, but make >clear to everybody that compatibility
>isn't going to last forever.

Simple solution is to move /kernel stuff of /proc to /kernel (new format,
bin, ascii, whatever) and put transition code (old code still serving the
old format /kernel stuff) serving in /proc. Make the backwards compatibility
/proc a compile option. That way, userland developers will have time to
migrate to /kernel (or whatever it should be called). Not too much effort,
makes userland developers not sweat to death...

Will Knop

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