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Subject2.4.14: invalidate: busy buffer and BUG
Alpha DP264, gcc 3.0.1 compiled.

After some testing and some work, got:

kernel: invalidate: busy buffer

Right after dismounting an ext2 diskette.

Attempting to remount the diskette resulted in:

kernel: kernel BUG at ll_rw_blk.c:660!
kernel: mount(1238): Kernel Bug 1
kernel: pc = [__make_request+2352/2368] ra = [__make_request+2340/2368] ps = 0000 Not tainted

Note that I got this once under 2.4.12 also.

I don't have time to run ksymoops right now.

The one from 2.4.12 was:

kernel: kernel BUG at buffer.c:664!
kernel: mdir(27124): Kernel Bug 1
kernel: pc = [invalidate_bdev+448/464] ra = [invalidate_bdev+436/464] ps = 0000 Not tainted

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