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SubjectRe: more devfs fun
Alexander Viro writes:
> BTW, what the hell is that?
> /*
> * hwgraph_bdevsw_get - returns the fops of the given devfs entry.
> */
> struct file_operations *
> hwgraph_bdevsw_get(devfs_handle_t de)
> {
> return(devfs_get_ops(de));
> }
> It's arch/ia64/sn/io/hcl.c. The funny thing being, the thing
> you will get from devfs_get_ops() will _not_ be struct
> file_operations *. And that's aside of the fact that any use of
> that function is very likely to be racy as hell. Sigh...

Sigh indeed. I didn't write that code. Looks like someone is (ab)using
the devfs API. Contact the maintainer of that code for insight.


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