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SubjectNew Cerberus (CTCS) test system release
Hello kernel hackers,

I'd like to announce a new release (1.3.0pre4) of the Cerberus Test
Control System, the software and hardware stress test suite originally
developed by VA Linux Systems and used by some of you to beat up on
Linux kernels. Since I've recently participated in a 'cost-synergy'
[cough] program at VA, I'm currently taking over development of the
project solo. Please note my new e-mail address. Bug reports,
patches, job offers, etc are welcome.

Of note in the release:

- PPC Linux support. newburn will launch without modifications on PPC
and x86 Linux, and behaviour on both platforms is similar.
- devfs support. The hardware detection routines will traverse the
symlink mess in devfs and handle everything correctly now.
- Untested LVM support (Derrick Lee/VA). The burn-in test will by
default ignore physical devices with LVM partitions, instead choosing to
test the LVM virtual device.
- A smattering of bugfixes.

Please see the project page for the full release notes and Changelog at If you want to be notified of
all project releases, use the Monitor link on that page. I only post to
linux-kernel when a major feature set improvement is made.


Jason T. Collins

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