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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: Linux updates RTC secretly when clock synchronizes
>> >  2. The kernel makes no internal reference to the /dev/rtc driver,
>> > and it is left to userland tools to sync to the RTC on boot,
>> > and at other times as required.
>> I think the kernel should set the machine time to the RTC time
>> as an initializer on boot. Other than that, I agree.
> Which is something you do from userspace.

You have to initialize (once, on boot) this to
something. I don't really see the point of initializing
it to zero and putting the atime/mtime on a few entries
back to 1970, when we have the value there already.

We /know/ we have to use the RTC values for things
like apm suspend, for instance - I don't want my 'make'
to be broken through races with userspace time functions -
so if we are prepared to read RTC on resume, we should be
prepared to read RTC on boot.

Alex Bligh
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