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SubjectRe: PROPOSAL: /proc standards (was dot-proc interface [was: /proc
Ricky Beam wrote:

> And for those misguided people who think processing text is faster than
> binary, you're idiots. The values start out as binary, get converted to
> text, copied to the user, and then converted back to binary. How the hell
> is that faster than copying the original binary value? (Answer: it isn't.)

And then converted back to ASCII for printout on the terminal ;-).

> And those who *will* complain that binary structures are hard to work with,
> (you're idiots too :-)) a struct is far easier to deal with than text
> processing, esp. for anyone who knows what they are doing. Yes, changes
> to the struct do tend to break applications, but the same thing happens
> to text based inputs as well. Perhaps some of you will remember the stink
> that arose when the layout of /proc/meminfo changed (and broke, basically,
> everything.)


The true problem with /proc and user land applications is that around 6
ago people did just give up on adapting the parsers to the ever chaning
"wonderfull" ascii interfaces those times. The second problem is that
is one of the few design "inventions" in linux, which didn't get copied
from some other UNIX box and Linus doesn't wan't recognize that this was
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