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SubjectRe: Red Hat needs this patch (was Re: handling NFSERR_JUKEBOX)
>>>>> " " == Bob Smart <smart@hpc.CSIRO.AU> writes:

>> Take a look at the nfs sourceforge mailing list. There's a
>> long thread about this in the context of a Solaris HSM server.
>> I wrote a patch to try to do the right thing on a linux client,
>> but it is not perfect for many reasons:

> Thanks again for this patch. I've appended our current version
> to save others the trouble of minor modifications. I've just
> tested it against 2.4.13-ac7.

> Your patch may not be perfect but it is a million times better
> than nothing. We have had no problems with it. Linux has a long
> tradition of utilizing imperfect software till something better
> comes along.

> This patch is ESSENTIAL to make Linux useable in large
> enterprises, because they increasingly commonly utilize
> hirearchically managed storage. I strongly urge
> Alan/Linus/Macello to include this patch in the stable kernel
> tree (but marked experimental). Or at least can the kernel
> maintainers at Red Hat and other distributions put it in their
> offerings: surely you see that you need this for your big
> customers.

The patch may appear to work, but it fails to understand the nature of
the problem. The problem with NFSERR_JUKEBOX is that is can appear in
more or less *any* NFSv3 RPC call. That includes everything from
lookups to writes.

If all you do is intercept read and setattr, then you certainly
haven't achieved 'enterprise quality'.

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