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Subject2.4.14 -- boot stop at "usb.c: registered new driver iforce"
	Ok ...  after   having  finished recompiling   2.4.14  without
"loopback device" (compilation problem explained in another e-mail), I
did restart my system ... and it is booting properly until printing
the following line : "usb.c: registered new driver iforce" (this line
appears with or without the joystick being connected to the system)
and simply hang there indefenitely.

After a couple of testing (the scheduling process from 2.4.8-ac12 told
me that RTC was the next lauch process) I was able to identify that
the problem is really inside the "iforce" driver, without it the
system boots up properly.

One again , I am running a SMP P3 700 on an asus P2B-D with 1Gb of
memory. I can provide my .config if it can be of some help (just
e-mail me about it).

Hope this helps,

Martial MICHEL
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