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Subjectmodules load, but do not initialize

I found a strange behaviour today: I'm experimenting with a boot floppy
with its own little linux on it, based on kernel 2.4.14.

I get the same effects when I really boot the disk, or if I chroot()
into the directory which will later get imaged to disk: I can load and
unload modules (with insmod, lsmod, rmmod, modprobe), but it looks like
they never get initialised. I know for shure that some modules should
write something to syslog or the console, delay a bit (esp
ide-probe-mod), and, last but not least, provide a device or something.
Nothing of this happens.

Well, something happens after a few tries: it ooopses...

What's happening here?

I can provide any info you like or need.

bye, Michael

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