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SubjectRe: Poor IDE performance with VIA MVP3
On Mon, 05 Nov, 2001 at 03:10:01PM -0500, Mark Hahn wrote:
> > I have a VIA MVP3 (VT82C586B) controller on my motherboard, and am
> an inherently slow chipset, with at best 150 MB/s dram throughput.
> > experiencing extremely poor performance with a Maxtor 20G
> > (52049U4) drive.
> 20G, 4 surfaces, 10G/platter generation, from around 2-3 years ago.
> (versus 40G/platter current gen.)
> > It is an UDMA66-capable drive, but I'm only attempting
> > to use UDMA33 (with an 80-pin cable, as recommended).
> nothing wrong with an 80-conductor cable, but it's not required
> for udma33.
> > same behavior. I was originally running with a 40-pin cable, and switched
> > it to the 80 to see if it might help, but it had no effect. As some
> is it <18", with both ends plugged in?
> > Cable Type: 40w 40w
> hmm.

The cable is of standard length, which I believe is 18". It came with the
drive. I only have one drive plugged into it. I thought it was odd tha
/proc/ide/via only showed the cable as 40w also, but I assumed that was
because my chipset doesn't know what 80-pin cables I wrong? In
any case, it's sounding more and more that there's not much I can do to
remedy this problem. :/ Oh well, I'm probably due for a motherboard
upgrade in any case.

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