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SubjectRe: Using %cr2 to reference "current"
> That said, how expensive is loading %cr2 anyway? We can do all the same
> tricks with a 16kB stack and just playing games with using the higher bits
> as the "offset", ie things like

So thats another 600K on my box vanished. I suspect the page faults will
outweigh it

> the stack larger (we steal 2kB for the coloring, but we'd use an order-2
> allocation that at least SGI wants to do regardless).

16K stack is serious "people who cant program" country.

> I would not be surprised if "mov %cr2,%reg" will break a netburst trace
> cache entity, or even cause microcode to be executed. While I _guarantee_
> that all future Intel CPU's will continue to be fast at mixtures of simple
> arithmetic operations like "add" and "and".

True enough, but then we can go to

andl %%esp, %0
movl (%%eax), %%eax

which doesnt really change the cost much, lets us colour the task structs
nicely, and lets us colour the stack somewhat by offseting esp from the base
- and all in standard instructions


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