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SubjectProblem with gigabit NIC acenic: 3c985b-sx

Dear all:

I've install a 3c985b-sx NIC on my linux 2.4.13 box.
But when loading the 'acenic' module, it shows the message:

eth1: 3Com 3C985 Gigabit Ethernet at 0xdf020000, irq 10
Tigon II (Rev. 6), Firmware: 12.4.11, MAC: 00:60:08:f7:04:1e
PCI bus width: 32 bits, speed: 33MHz, latency: 64 clks
eth1: Firmware NOT running!

(PS. My eth0 is an intel eepro100)

It seems the driver detect the card but can't work.
Is this a bug of my NIC firmware or a problem of
the driver? Or what necessary steps I've missed?

Thanks in advance.

PS. Please CC your replis to me, thank you in advance.:)

huangant <Chun-Ying Huang>
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