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SubjectRE: Mylex/Compaq RAID controller placement in config
> Well we could simplify it further by putting all
> configuration options under a single menu called
> "things". The controllers under block dont have
> drives appearing as /dev/sd*

I can understand the initial complaint, but I think it
comes down to a problem of user vs. developer :

For example : All of the SCSI devices are block devices,
aren't they? So how come they're not under "block devices"
in the menu?

All of the devices under "block devices" are storage controllers
(or ways of accessing storage in linux) so how come they're not
listed as such in the menuconfig options?

and then you hit the whole I20 problem. Half my raid controllers
aren't under either of those two menus.

Maybe ESR's config method would allow for a way of presenting the
menus in different ways? One for developers (who care more about
the subsystems and how they're connected) and one for users, who
care more about what the device does then how it's written?

Dana Lacoste Linux Developer
Peregrine Systems Ottawa, Canada
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