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SubjectRe: Using %cr2 to reference "current"
Robert Love wrote:
> Further, the preemptible kernel patch oopses with this patch (IOW, don't
> use 2.4.13-ac8 + preempt-kernel, unless you remove all these bits like I
> did :>). I think it may be because of:

Could you send me an oops?
I assume that a
is missing somewhere.
The assumption is that get_current() is faster than hard_get_current(),
and that there are so many get_current() calls that the overhead for the
set_current() in __switch_to and do_page_fault is small.

> Manfred Spraul wrote:
> > error_code:
> > [...]
> > - GET_CURRENT(%ebx)
> > call *%edi
> > addl $8,%esp
> > + GET_CURRENT(%ebx)
> > The pointer to current was loaded into %ebx before the call to the error
> > handler, now that only happens after the call. As far as I can see the
> > load before the call is not required.
> this change but I am unsure. Would Manfred or someone knowledgeable in
> this mind letting me pick their brain?
I would be very surprised if that's a problem: the error handlers are C
functions, and they don't expect parameters in register %ebx.

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