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SubjectRe: [BUG] Smbfs + preempt on 2.4.10
On Mon, 5 Nov 2001, vda wrote:

> I have no idea of where I can start planting preempt_disable() and
> preempt_enable() in the 2.4.13 to narrow bug location.
> Any suggestions? Samba gurus may be more knowledgeable...
> --
> vda
> PS. Urban, I dunno samba mailing list addr, feel free to crosspost this msg
> there and/or tell me appropriate email addr., but if the kernel crashes smbd is probably not the guilty
party (it does run as root, or start as root, but I don't think it does
anything clever like write to /dev/kmem ... mmap possibly).

Nor do I think the samba developers are interested in crashing linux
kernels with experimental patches (more or less experimental anyway :)

> # Guess what is this?
> client code page = 866
> code page directory = /usr/lib/samba/lib/codepages

Normally that requires a 'character set' setting to get it right on the
linux side as well. But perhaps it guesses the right one ...


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