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SubjectRe: [Q] pivot_root and initrd
Date (Kai Henningsen) writes:

|> (Eric) wrote on 17.10.01 in <>:
|> > You are simply doing the following, I assume with success:
|> > exec /sbin/init "$@"
|> > whereas I am doing something like the following:
|> > exec chroot . sh -c 'umount $OLDROOT; exec -a /sbin/init
|> > $INITARGS' <dev/console >dev/console 2>&1
|> > I am mystified that the call to 'exec /sbin/init' works if you are using
|> > the standard (you mention "based on RedHat7.1" util-linux") /sbin/init
|> > proggie, and that a standard RH7.1 initscripts would not complain when
|> > the root filesystem is already mounted r/w.
|> It works because the PID is 1, of course.
|> /linuxrc (or however you call it) runs with PID=1, so when it exec's /sbin/
|> init, the PID is still 1.
|> OTOH, you have chroot run a shell as a child, which therefore does *not*
|> have PID=1.

linuxrc does 'exec chroot', chroot does 'exec sh', sh does 'exec init'.
Thus init should end up with the same pid as linuxrc.


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