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SubjectDisk corruption with VIA KT266 chipset

[Please cc me on replies, I only read the list archives]


I have a Soltek KT75DRV motherboard, with the VIA KT266 chipset, and
in particular the VIA 8233 southbridge. I use two IDE disks (one
ATA100, one ATA33) with UDMA enabled and stock linux-2.4.13.

With heavy disk use, I get random corruptions. E.g. "cp -a /usr /mnt;
diff -ruq /usr /mnt" shows a couple of files that differ. OTOH, "cp
-a linux linux2; diff -ruq linux linux2" use to run fine as many times
as you like. Thus I suspect the error is prone to show up on large
files transfers over DMA.

I talked to Vojtech Pavlik, and we concluded the problem is the
transfer between the VIA8233 and the memory (memtest86 show no

I've replaced the motherboard once, without much difference, so it's
probably not plain broken.

Not using DMA solves the problem, but of course it's not what I want,
I get hdparm -t reading around 2 MB/s :-(

I'd be happy to try out any solution, I already had to reinstall the
system a couple of times due to this.



BTW The sound (ALSA driver) of this board is horrible, but that might
be as intended by Soltek;)

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