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SubjectRe: 2.4.13-ac6: videodev/__release_region oops!
Thanks for the pointers Keith!  Here's my second shot at it...

ksymoops 2.4.1 on i586 2.4.13-ac6. Options used
-V (default)
-k /var/log/ksymoops/20011106121445.ksyms (specified)
-l /var/log/ksymoops/20011106121445.modules (specified)
-o /lib/modules/2.4.13-ac6/ (default)
-m /boot/ (default)

Warning (compare_maps): mismatch on symbol proc_scsi , scsi_mod says d00fc9e4, /lib/modules/2.4.13-ac6/kernel/drivers/scsi/scsi_mod.o says d00fc448. Ignoring /lib/modules/2.4.13-ac6/kernel/drivers/scsi/scsi_mod.o entry
Warning (compare_maps): mismatch on symbol scsi_devicelist , scsi_mod says d00fca10, /lib/modules/2.4.13-ac6/kernel/drivers/scsi/scsi_mod.o says d00fc474. Ignoring /lib/modules/2.4.13-ac6/kernel/drivers/scsi/scsi_mod.o entry
Warning (compare_maps): mismatch on symbol scsi_hostlist , scsi_mod says d00fca0c, /lib/modules/2.4.13-ac6/kernel/drivers/scsi/scsi_mod.o says d00fc470. Ignoring /lib/modules/2.4.13-ac6/kernel/drivers/scsi/scsi_mod.o entry
Warning (compare_maps): mismatch on symbol scsi_hosts , scsi_mod says d00fca14, /lib/modules/2.4.13-ac6/kernel/drivers/scsi/scsi_mod.o says d00fc478. Ignoring /lib/modules/2.4.13-ac6/kernel/drivers/scsi/scsi_mod.o entry
Warning (compare_maps): mismatch on symbol md_size , md says d001a8e0, /lib/modules/2.4.13-ac6/kernel/drivers/md/md.o says d001a700. Ignoring /lib/modules/2.4.13-ac6/kernel/drivers/md/md.o entry
Warning (compare_maps): mismatch on symbol mddev_map , md says d001a0e0, /lib/modules/2.4.13-ac6/kernel/drivers/md/md.o says d0019f00. Ignoring /lib/modules/2.4.13-ac6/kernel/drivers/md/md.o entry
Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 05c80741
*pde = 00000000
Oops: 0000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010:[<c0118012>] Not tainted
Using defaults from ksymoops -t elf32-i386 -a i386
EFLAGS: 00010202
eax: 09b20b27 ebx: c0002014 ecx: 105e11e6 edx: 05c8073d
esi: ec000fff edi: ec000000 ebp: cb98f000 esp: cb6f5f50
ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss: 0018
Process rmmod (pid: 1129, stackpage=cb6f5000)
Stack: d0130000 00001000 c1430800 d0129062 c0239ff8 ec000000 00001000 02430800
c1430800 d012dae0 00000000 c01b663e c1430800 d0123000 cb98f000 d012949a
d012dae0 c011589e d0123000 cb98f000 00000000 c0114cfc d0123000 00000000
Call Trace: [<d0130000>] [<d0129062>] [<d012dae0>] [<c01b663e>] [<d012949a>]
[<d012dae0>] [<c011589e>] [<c0114cfc>] [<c0106dd3>]
Code: 8b 42 04 39 f8 77 f0 8b 4a 08 39 f1 72 e9 83 7a 0c 00 78 05

>>EIP; c0118012 <__release_region+22/70> <=====
Trace; d0130000 <[bttv]__ksymtab_bttv_write_gpio+0/8>
Trace; d0129062 <[bttv]bttv_remove+1e2/210>
Trace; d012dae0 <[bttv]bttv_pci_driver+0/40>
Trace; c01b663e <pci_unregister_driver+2e/50>
Trace; d012949a <[bttv]cleanup_module+a/10>
Trace; d012dae0 <[bttv]bttv_pci_driver+0/40>
Trace; c011589e <free_module+1e/b0>
Trace; c0114cfc <sys_delete_module+11c/1e0>
Trace; c0106dd3 <system_call+33/40>
Code; c0118012 <__release_region+22/70>
00000000 <_EIP>:
Code; c0118012 <__release_region+22/70> <=====
0: 8b 42 04 mov 0x4(%edx),%eax <=====
Code; c0118015 <__release_region+25/70>
3: 39 f8 cmp %edi,%eax
Code; c0118017 <__release_region+27/70>
5: 77 f0 ja fffffff7 <_EIP+0xfffffff7> c0118009 <__release_region+19/70>
Code; c0118019 <__release_region+29/70>
7: 8b 4a 08 mov 0x8(%edx),%ecx
Code; c011801c <__release_region+2c/70>
a: 39 f1 cmp %esi,%ecx
Code; c011801e <__release_region+2e/70>
c: 72 e9 jb fffffff7 <_EIP+0xfffffff7> c0118009 <__release_region+19/70>
Code; c0118020 <__release_region+30/70>
e: 83 7a 0c 00 cmpl $0x0,0xc(%edx)
Code; c0118024 <__release_region+34/70>
12: 78 05 js 19 <_EIP+0x19> c011802b <__release_region+3b/70>

6 warnings issued. Results may not be reliable.

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