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SubjectRe: Special Kernel Modification

On Sun, Nov 04, 2001 at 19:29:01 -0500, wrote:

> From what I can see. With chrooting, I have to make a complete
> "fake" system an then place the users below that into a home
> directory, or make a complete "fake" system for each user.
> I was trying to find a simple solution that would allow for:
> I was initially thinking about something like this for each user:
> /system (real) /dev/hda4 (chrooted also)
> |
> /bin
> /etc
> /lib

chtrunk ( can set up the namespace
dynamically for you. Instead of creating a complete system by hand and
run chroot, just run (you don't need to be root):

chtrunk -s /bin /etc /lib /home/user -c program_to_run

This will give that program access to /bin, /etc, /lib and the home
directory, but nothing more.

You can use

chtrunk -s /bin /etc /lib /home/user /tmp=/home/user/tmp -c program

to give every user their own private /tmp.

As a bonus, the suid/sgid bits will have no effect for these users,
which will prevent them from becoming root through buggy suid

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