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SubjectRe: PROPOSAL: dot-proc interface [was: /proc stuff]
Daniel Phillips writes:

> I've done quite a bit more kernel profiling and I've found that
> overhead for converting numbers to ascii for transport to proc is
> significant, and there are other overheads as well, such as the
> sprintf and proc file open. These must be matched by corresponding
> overhead on the user space side, which I have not profiled. I'll
> take some time and present these numbers properly at some point.

You said "top -d .1" was 18%, with 11% user, and konsole at 9%.
So that gives:

9% konsole
7% kernel
2% top
0% X server ????

If konsole is well-written, that 9% should drop greatly as konsole
falls behind on a busy system. For example, when scrolling rapidly
it might skip whole screenfuls of data. Hopefully those characters
are rendered in a reasonably efficient way.
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