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SubjectKernel BUG at namei.c:330!

This evening I experienced the following error on a system with kernel
2.4.11-pre6 with an Adaptex 7892A SCSI controller, a EasyRAIDII external
RAID controller and an HP C1537A tape streamer on the same bus.
The error occured while the tape was writing (I reported similar problems
a couple of weeks ago, but all patches on this list and all newer kernels
failed to fix it).

The messages (roughly transscripted from console before rebooting):
I/O error: dev: 08:02, sector 65704 # mounted as "/"
Kernel BUG at namei.c:330!
invalid operand: 0000
EIP 0010:<c015c7e3> Not Tainted # c015c760 t reiserfs_find_entry
<4>st0: Error with sense data: Attention. Additional sense indicates
Poweron,reset,or bus device reset occur
I/O error: dev 08:02, secor 139192

/fs/reiserfs/namei.c at line 330:
if (retval == IO_ERROR)
// FIXME: still has to be dealt with

/* I want you to conform to our error
printing standard. How many times
do I have to ask? -Hans */

BUG ();
Well... "has to be dealt with"... the latest 2.4.14 at least says:
if (retval == IO_ERROR)
// FIXME: still has to be dealt with
reiserfs_panic (dir->i_sb, "zam-7001: io error in " __FUNCTION__ "\n"

The error itself occured several times now, with slightly different error
messages (sometimes with nothing left on the console) but always
immediately or somewhen during the tape backup.

Thank you for reading this far and hopefully this mail helps anybody to
improve anything. Contact me if you need further information.



Christian Hammers WESTEND GmbH - Aachen und Dueren Tel 0241/701333-0 Internet & Security for Professionals Fax 0241/911879
WESTEND ist CISCO Systems Partner - Premium Certified

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