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    SubjectOops in 2.4.13 - ide hotswap
    I try to use hotswap feature with my hddrack.
    But at first, I try to use this feature with
    plugged on hdd.

    I use
    kernel-2.4.13 (from
    and idectl from hdparm contrib.

    I unmounted all partitions on my second hdd&DVD and executed
    # idectl 1 rescan

    It normaly unregisters my second IDE chanel then
    registers it again, found my hdd&dvd and
    throws Oops in

    >> EIP; c01f6cee <ide_build_sglist+8e/130> <=====

    The experiment with SuSE-7.1/kernel-2.4.2 on my home computer
    was finished successfully.

    _ _ __ _
    Best regards, | | | |/ _` |
    | |_| | (_| |
    Volodymyr M. Lisivka \__,_|\__,_| ICQ#14549856
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