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SubjectRe: SYM-2 patches against latest kernels available
Gérard Roudier wrote:
> The patch against linux-2.4.13 has been sent to Alan Cox for inclusion in
> newer stable kernels. Alan wants to test it on his machines which is a
> good thing. Anyway, those patches just add the new driver version to
> kernel tree and leave stock sym53c8xx and ncr53c8xx in place.

Are the older sym/ncr drivers going away in 2.5?

> Any report, especially on large memory machines using 64 bit DMA (2.4
> kernels + PCI DAC capable controllers only), is welcome. I can't test 64
> bit DMA, since my fatest machine has only 512 MB of memory.
> To configure the driver, you must select "SYM53C8XX version 2 driver" from
> kernel config. For large memory machines, a new "DMA addressing mode"
> option is to be configured as follows (help texts have been added to
> Value 0: 32 bit DMA addressing
> Value 1: 40 bit DMA addressing (upper 24 bytes set to zero)
> Value 2: 64 bit DMA addressing limited to 16 segments of 4 GB (64 GB) max.

Are you using the new pci64 API under 2.4.x?



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