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SubjectRe: Why can't I strace some processes?
Ian Stirling <> writes:
> Details: Kernel 2.4.11 strace 4.4 (neither of these seem critical.
> Has a binary
> of a p2p client for linux. It's closed-source, and has a number of issues.
> In attempts to find workarounds for these, I attempted to strace the
> process, and it diddn't quite work.
> It only ever traces syscalls made by the process that originated the
> clone call, never resultant processes, even with -f set.
> Attempring to connect and trace the resultant processes causes strace to
> exit immediately, sometimes STOPing the process that was attempted to
> be traced.

AFAIK, strace 4.4 doesn't know how to trace clone/threads. I think they're
working on adding the capability. If you're desperate, you can try
subterfugue, which can trace clone/threads, although it's alpha code and has
some other problems. (There's a debian package, or see

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