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Subject[file interface] Re: Module Licensing?
On Tuesday 30 October 2001 18:27, Timur Tabi wrote:
> TimO wrote:
> > Ugghh! Don't confuse/equate MODULE_LICENSE with EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL_ONLY;
> > two different animals, two differnet goals. See archives for more info.
> What happens is a module is distributed as a combination of open-source .c
> files and closed-source .o files. That is, it's "mixed source" - part of
> the driver is open-source and part is closed-source. What happens if the
> open-source version of the driver is the only code that uses GPL-only
> symbols. How is that handled?

This is the approach I would use:

Kernel module:
Exports a standard interface like file or terminal (or several...)
GPL all of this work.
Make it useful for others too - and you may sell some additional HW.

Propritary code (user application):
Uses standard file operations - like fopen, seek, ...
The needed headers are LGPL and thus safe.


Roger Larsson
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