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SubjectRe: [POLITICAL] Re: ECS k7s5a audio sound SiS 735 - 7012

On Sun, 4 Nov 2001, Manfred Spraul wrote:

> > Indeed. Could you all please hassle SiS for the datasheet for the 7012
> > integrated audio controller in the SiS 735?
> Sis is quite good at writing Linux drivers and they release the source
> under GPL - just search through google for bug reports for the sis900
> network driver.

Agreed, but we need more generic drivers when possible anyway. Just think
about Tekram drivers for DC-390 boards. They just ignored anything
different from Tekram adapters. Btw, my Netgear FA311 board is not handled
by the sis driver of linux-2.2.20 and my little finger tells me that it
could be so given a few code addition.

> And it's probably the only driver with a large list of the PHY's that
> are used by the mobo manufacturers with the nic, and the various ways to
> get at the correct negotiation result. That's something you won't be
> able to write even with the sis datasheet.

Let me adver^H^Hocate: :-)

Just some pricing from France:

- K7S5A (without NIC option) : FF 590
- ASUS A7M (example) : FF 1300
- CM8378 Mentor sound board : FF 119

K7S5A + Mentor sound board -> FF 709
ASUS A7M (with bogus VIA 686B) -> FF 1300

The K7S5A is a great Mobo, good quality, very fast and very cheap, as long
as you donnot want to use on-board sound. :)

The K7S5A I have is used by my children under Windows, but I have stressed
it a lot under Linux and FreeBSD prior to leave them play with it.

> Just wait a bit, or try to convince nvidia that they should release the
> source of their driver if you want to do something now.

Good point.


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