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SubjectRe: XT-PIC vs IO-APIC and PCI devices
In article <>,
Zwane Mwaikambo <> wrote:
> I'm trying to get a PCI device (network) to work on one of my
>boxes, and thus far i've only managed to get it to work with "noapic".
>Without that kernel option the card stops processing interrupts (as can be
>observed in /proc/interrupts) after about ~100 on each CPU. Are there any
>things i should look out for when trying to track down the problem?
>I've tried swapping the card around in different slots just in case it
>was an IRQ routing problem (as suggested by various folks) to no avail.
>The box is an IBM Netfinity 3500M20 SMP rig.

What does cat /proc/interrupts say in APIC mode? Perhaps it thinks the
device uses edge-triggered interrupts instead of level-triggered ?

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