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SubjectFile system
here are my problems :
i implemented a file system on redhat linux 6.2 named
it pfs(peaceful file system). inserted it as a module
using insmod. got inserted peacefully. the fs worked
on linux 6.2 :mouunted, ls, cat ,etc. .... But
consider the following problem:
i unmount the dev i had mounted as a pfs file system.
then i try to rmmod the pfs module :
what i get is:
pfs: Device or resource busy.

i tried similar stuff with minix, ensured that the
module functionality of pfs, the include files of pfs
is identical to minix.

i compile this code on redhat 7.2 : compiled ok
(i):-i made necessary changes in some functions which
had witnessed a change in their definitions, etc..
anyway fugget it
(ii):-got some directions while compiling regarding
the compile time options : tried them and things got
then i try to do insmod: result ... i get many
functions as unresolved symbol. i check for the same
functions in ext3fs(which is added as a module to the
7.2's kernel).. i find the "unresolved" functions up
and working fine for ext3fs. i make sure that my
includes etc. are identical to ext3fs's : no use.
i bang my head : no use.
so why this problem


Don't say Goodbye say Goodluck
Abhishek Rai
3rd year,B.Tech, Computer Science and Engineering

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