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SubjectRe: Patch to update scsi_debug.c

The ramdisk emulation should be easy to do, you
can get sample code from most of the iSCSI
implementations on Linux. Most of them simulate a
ramdisk on the target side.


Douglas Gilbert wrote:

>Pete Zaitcev <> wrote:
>>I would like to have scsi_debug with a variable number
>>of hosts. Patch is attached. Does anyone object to the
>>demise of scsi_debug.h?
><snipped patch/>
>Maybe you may like to consider this effort. Apart from allowing
>extra hosts (hundreds of them via boot/module option) it is
>like a RAM disk. The default RAM allocation is 8 MB which
>can be overridden by a boot/module option. You can
>run fdisk on it, make a fs, mount it, etc.
>It runs properly on SMP (Eric's didn't) and supports a
>reasonable number of SCSI commands including READ_16 and
>WRITE_16. I used the latter 2 commands to test (via sg)
>that the recently added 16 byte CDBs worked.
>BTW I kept scsi_debug.h as most other SCSI adapter drivers
>have .h and .c components.
>Doug Gilbert
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