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SubjectRe: PATCH: 2 small patches against 2.4.15-pre6 (sym2 + email change) (fwd)

On Tue, 27 Nov 2001, Gérard Roudier wrote:

> Hi Marcelo,


Sorry for the delay, I saved this mail to my pending list... :)

> I didn't see these patches applied by previous kernel maintainer, neither
> received any ack nor nack about from. You may let me know if something
> gets wrong with them. Btw, I have another one after those ones.
> Note that I am used of the "no news means bad news" when patches for linux
> development are in concern, but I guess that I am not the only guy who
> will be glad if usual good practice of "no news means good news" would
> also apply there. Let me hope that this will be changed as it has been
> with 2.0 and 2.2 kernel maintainance. :)
> By the way, I missed the postings that made you the maintainer of 2.4
> kernel neither saw any comments from Alan about. I am sure that you will
> do the best you can and will do a very good work, but I feel a bit
> frustrated not to know the reasons of this decision. If you can point me
> to the corresponding articles, I will be very interested in.

Well, basically, it seems Alan got tired of maintenance... :)

You can take a look at Alan's diary for more stuff.

> Thanks to people who tried, did or are doing Linux kernel maintainance as
> I think that maintainance is a very important process at least as
> important as development (I want to write a lot more, in fact...).
> Good luck and TIA.

About the two patches you mention, can you please send me them ?

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