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SubjectSlow start -- Linux vs. NT -- it's time to acknowledge the problem!
Hello esteemed kernel hackers:

As you doubtless know, NT and BSD both have a broken slow-start
implementation. As you may not know, when you try having a Linux box
co-exist on a network with a Windows box, this seems to cause the Windows
box to CROWD OUT the Linux box on the network.

There is a fix to Solaris for this-- or a "workaround", I should

THERE IS NO FIX TO LINUX FOR THIS. At least, not as far as I could
find-- and I just got done Web-searching for a solid 15 minutes, finding
MULTIPLE references to the Solaris workaround in the process.

It is high time this problem is acknowledged and FIXED. I am
forced to share a network with a bunch of NT servers, some of which get
plenty of traffic-- enough so that they manage to crowd out my machine to
the tune of 600ish ms ping times to the Linux box versus only **70**
(!!!!!!) to the Windows box. THESE MACHINES ARE ON THE SAME NETWORK, but
the Linux box is as sluggish, latency-wise, as telnetting into a box on a
MODEM-- whereas the Windows box, where latency isn't even as important (no
one telnets into them), is nice and zippy.

I do not want to have to move to Solaris.

Please, how can this problem be solved? PLEASE CC ME ANY


J e s s i c a L e a h B l a n k
Programmer * Unix Sysadmin * Web Geek --
-`-,-{@ @}-,-`-

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