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SubjectRe: 2.4.16 freezed up with eepro100 module
Added Jeff & Andrey to cc list because they were the last two to modify the
driver according to the comments at the top of eepro100.c

On Fri, Nov 30, 2001 at 04:31:31PM -0600, Nathan Poznick wrote:
> Thus spake Sven Heinicke:
> >
> > I have eepro100's on other systems and never had a problem. They
> > never have been made to work as hard as the DELLs though. I am
> > trying the same DELL with a 3C996-T 1000Bt card using the driver from
> > 3COM (we plan on moving that system to a 1000Bt system but the switch
> > hasn't arrived yet) and it is running at 100Bt with the same
> > software. If you don't hear form me assume it surrived. Been up a
> > day so far, took the DELL like 3 days of heavy use to crash before.
> Ok, I finally had a chance to work on this, and here's what I know:
> 1) I found a workload under which I was able to reliably make the
> network on the machine die (a few hundred of the "eth0: card reports
> no resources." errors showed up which continued until I took down the
> network and removed the module). Unfortunately, the workload was with
> an in-house app, so all I can describe are the conditions associated
> with it: 2 processes with a total of about 600 threads, 1.5gb of
> memory, about 500 network connections, and a lot of disk and network
> I/O.
You can run the test against eepro100 with tcpdump redirected to a log file,
and post that on the web somewhere. That would probably be helpful.

Also, some sort of profiling.

Jeff, Andrey, can you comment?
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