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SubjectRe: Fwd: Re: OT: svscan and the hard disk
On Friday, 30 November 2001, at 09:33:21 -0300,
Martín Marqués wrote:

> Any thoughts on what DJB thinks of the Linux FS?
> Sorry for him, each day I convince myself of not using Qmail ever!
Does this means that the opinions of those who don't think like you
doesn't quality, or worth being taken into account ?.

How many times a week do you hear "subsystem X is broken", or "kernel
developer Y fucked this" on this list ?. Is this different from the same
facts, but being said by someone (DJB) who obviously has many people
against, for several reasons (many of them, non-technical ones) ?

PS: first and last email from my part on this subject.

José Luis Domingo López
Linux Registered User #189436 Debian Linux Woody (P166 64 MB RAM)

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