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SubjectRe: some questions about wedding
On Fri, 30 Nov 2001 14:01:50 +0900 (KST)
"¾È¼ö¹Î" <> wrote:

| 1. what is the most popular wedding present in your
| culture?

IIRC, the male usually gives either a small rock (not especially a diamond)
or a fish to the female (depending on the species).

| 2. How much money do you need to prepare wedding
| ceremony(also, which item do you spend money most for)
| ?

You don't need any money. People tend to bring their own fish with them.

| 3. do you have a unique expression for proposal?
| (for example, in korea, a man says "i'll love you
| until my black hair turns into white like snow" to his
| lover)

It sounds like a sort of _very_ broken trumpett.

| 4. what is the most popular place for honeymoon in
| your culture?


| 5. where and when is wedding ceremony usually held?

It's usually held on the shore. No particuliar day but usually during

| please help me!!!

I believe the National Geographics folks made some nice videos if you want
to learn more...

| thank you for reading my mail :-)


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