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SubjectRe: 2.4.16: hda9: attempt to access beyond end of device

Am Thursday, den 29. November 2001 22:58:14 schrieb berberic:
> Partition boundary problem in 2.4.16 ?!
> I just tried to make a mke2fs on my /dev/hda9 and mke2fs with kernel
> 2.4.16 and it failed with a partial write. /var/log/messages says:
> kernel: 03:09: rw=0, want=289140, limit=289138
> kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device
> It works fine with 2.4.13 and it works with 2.4.16 if blocksize is
> set to 4k (fails with 1k blocks).

Now it failed with kernel 2.4.13 and mke2fs 1.25 on another partition,
but works with kernel 2.4.13 and mke2fs 1.18. 1k-blocks again.

I'm now longer sure if it is the kernel or mke2fs or both:(


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