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SubjectRe: Compile fixes for 2.5.1-pre4
Jens Axboe wrote:

> On Fri, Nov 30 2001, Gertjan van Wingerde wrote:
>>>Note that there is no straight conversion between before having a 1-1
>>>mapping between a buffer_head and a data element and now potentially a
>>>1-n mapping with bio. If you are just remapping, no problem.
>>>So I'd rather not take these patches unless you've looked into why it
>>>_does_ (or maybe does not) work. I'll make note to review them soon, ok?
>>Okay. BTW I'm currently setting up my machine to run some tests on this
>>code (I'll have to find some current version of raidtools first :-(.
> Excellent, thanks for doing this. We definitely need more people
> starting to pick up the pieces.


I've tested the linear and RAID-0 code in my own environment. The code
survived some basic tests (starting, reading/writing, etc.) and some
heavy-duty read-write tests.

Based on these tests I'd say that the patches are fine.




Gertjan van Wingerde
Geessinkweg 177
7544 TX Enschede
The Netherlands

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